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Located in the central western area of Honshu, the Kansai Region comprises five prefectures (Hyogo Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, & Wakayama Prefecture … sometimes Fukui Prefecture is also included …) and two urban prefectures (Osaka Prefecture & Kyoto Prefecture).

The Kansai Region forms the core region of western Japan and is the country’s largest urban and economic zone after the Kanto Region. Many historical buildings and landscapes have been preserved in the region.

Like all regions of Japan, the Kansai Region is not an administrative unit, but rather a cultural and historical designation. This view of the Kansai Region emerged much later during the Heian Period in Japanese history, after the expansion of Japan saw the development of the Kanto Region to the east and people realized there was a need to differentiate what was previously the center of Japan in Kansai.

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